Give up your material possessions...

I haven't gone religous, but I am beginning to see the light on the global marketplace for creative work.
The western economy is driven by creating the need to own something; a car, a house, furnishings, LPs/CDs/DVDs, books etc
I'm not sure we (at least my generation), can ever give up the feeling of owning that collection of books or records or even stickers (remember the old football sticker books that were avidly collected in the 70's?).
However, I'm not so sure about the younger generation, perhaps they are less concerned with what you HAVE and more concerned with what you DID. This is not a bad development.
The internet has moved many things to a virtual (spiritual?) level and perhaps it is about time that we recognise that fact with music and literature, at least.
Services such as Spotify and devices like the Kindle remove the need to own the material possession, but at the same time they need to be careful that they preserve the history of what their customers did.
As a young person, I don't care if I have the physical copy of the little-known-band-that-hits-the-big-time album, but I definitely want to have it known for posterity that I listened to them long before anyone else did. Similarly, I would want to know when I read particular books and the comments I had on them (I read Dan Brown before all the Da Vinci Code hype that went around, but didn't think that much of it).
Which films did I watch in 1994? I have no idea, but that was before the internet and before it was possible for me to stream videos on demand.
This history is effectively a diary of our life, in much the same way as our material possessions are a very imperfect diary of our lives. Why don't I throw out my LPs if I never listen to them? Do I particularly like the feel of vinyl? Do I love the aesthetics of the 70's artwork on the cover? No, they are my history and to throw them out would diminish my memories of the time I used to listen to them.
In today's world we don't need the physical artefact to enable us to remember, I just need to type the first few characters of the address and Google will suggest the completion based on my history .
How many young people today have physical photo albums full of pictures of past years? How many will send you a link to their album on Facebook?
'Memories, like the corners [of my history on Spotify, Youtube, Kindle, Facebook etc]

Cast out your material possessions, the future is subscription-based... (with lifetime history)


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